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Resistance or Warm Reception?

Do you sometimes feel that your communication flows easily and at other times it is like pulling teeth? Would you like to stop getting resistance to your ideas and suggestions? Instead, imagine getting a warm reception from your prospects, customers, employees, suppliers, referrers and business partners. A Natural Flow When there is a natural flow ... Read More

Stop Conflict and Create Harmony in Business

When was the last time you had a disagreement, misunderstanding or conflict with your customer, prospect, business partner, colleague, employees or supplier? Do you find yourself getting stressed, frustrated, angry, upset or anxious when you communicate with other people in business? Why is effective communication so important? Effective communication improves harmony between the business owner ... Read More

From Employment to Self Employment: Making a Smooth Transition

Would you like to start the business you have always wanted? Are you ready to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with others, while running a successful business? We all have dreams and passions, including being our own boss, yet very few people have the courage to pursue them. Their fears, self doubts and ... Read More